Blog Action Day – Let’s Talk About Food

Today, October 16, 2019, is Blog Action Day. Every year bloggers around the world focus on one specific topic on blog action day to raise awareness for this topic. This year’s topic is FOOD. Since this is a health, fitness, and food blog it’s actually not the first time I write about food. 🙂 Instead of giving you a new recipe though I thought I will focus on something different. So today, on Blog Action Day, let’s talk about FOOD.


Take a look in your refrigerator and tell me what you see. Be honest. Do you see any foods that are already expired? I bet you do. How much food do you throw away each week because you didn’t eat it, you forgot about it, or you prepared too much and didn’t find anybody to eat the leftovers?

According to the Agriculture Department, Americans toss more than 25 percent of domestically produced food each year. That’s almost 26 MILLION TONS OF FOOD!!! Other studies even found that the amount of food wasted each year is closer to 50%.

This waste of food has fatal consequences for our environment. Not only does the rotting biomaterial produce tons of methane, a substance responsible for trapping heat in our atmosphere (keyword greenhouse effect), it is also a cause for water squander.

About a quarter of the yearly water consumption is used to produce foods that are thrown away. That is water we could save!!
I don’t even wanna talk about all the people who die because of starvation every year while we don’t know where to put all the food!

If these consequences are too impalpable for you then think about your money (hey, money is the most important thing on earth for most people, so I will get you with this point). Do you know how much money you throw away each year for foods you don’t eat? Almost $600 for a family of four!! Imagine how many shoes you could buy for six hundred dollars!

How can we stop this waste?

1. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You will buy tons of stuff you don’t really like and that will end up in the garbage can after a few weeks of pitiful existence in your refrigerator.

2. Have a shopping list. Write down what you need to buy and ONLY buy the items on your list. No exemptions, also not when you’re making slow cooker chicken tacos!

3. Go grocery shopping twice a week. When you buy fresh foods like veggies, fruit, and meat most of these items won’t last a whole week anyway. By shopping more frequently you can make sure that you always have fresh food available and you don’t waste anything.

Just breathe!

I just realized that it’s been over a month since I posted here. It’s been two months, actually!  Gosh, I’m a horrible blogger! And I also had to get my finances in order for my much-needed vacation.

I’ve been very busy lately running around and preparing for my upcoming vacation in Germany. Yes, in one week I’ll leave Illinois to visit friends and family in cooooold Germany. Brrrrr!! I know, Illinois will get cold as well later but for now, it’s been pretty warm up here. As my departure date slowly but surely approaches I also realize how much I need a vacation. I did a huge mistake! I let myself got caught up in work and studying without giving my body and mind any time to rest. Maybe it would have been nicer to just go backpacking through Europe in the summer…

Either I was working with clients, working on a new product (which I’ll hopefully launch at the beginning of next year – but I want to test it first), helped my friend with his business, ran errands for friends from Germany (“oh, when you come could you bring me this…and that?”), was working on my Master’s in Nutrition, and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love my clients, I love studying, it’s important for me to support my friend, and I am always willing to bring my friends little gifts when I visit them but sometimes we have to stop and take some time for our selves.

It is way too easy to lose the connection to our body and mind when we are busy running around trying to catch up with all the little (and big) things life throws at us. And all of a sudden you find your self at a point where you are not able to handle all the tasks and challenges of the everyday life anymore and you start asking yourself “why am I doing this?”.

Then you are at a point where you really, and I mean REALLY need a vacation! Although vacations are fun and obviously necessary, we not always have the chance to drop everything right now and here and leave the country for a little weekend getaway. So what can you do, when you are in need of a vacation but have no chance to escape your obligations? Breathe!!

Seriously, sit down (preferably alone in a room where you have no distractions), close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Feel how your lungs expand when you inhale and close when you slowly exhale.

Try to sit still for 2-3 minutes. If you haven’t done any kind of meditation before you will most likely find that your mind starts to wander and you start thinking about things you still have to do, groceries that need to be added to the shopping list, the kids’ birthday party next weekend and so on. Accept these thoughts, let them pass, and concentrate on your breathing again.

You don’t have to be a spiritual person to find that this will help you to calm down again and bring things back in the right perspective. What seemed to be overwhelming will become manageable again, what seemed to be unbearably annoying will become acceptable again, and what made you wanna cry, scream, and bang your fists against walls will become a colorful flower field.

Okay, okay, maybe I got a little bit carried away with the last point here but just to sit down and concentrate on yourself and your breathing definitely helps to get a little bit of your inner peace back in times when you feel stressed and overworked.

Try to practice this meditation technique for 2-3 minutes every day and let me know how you feel! I on my part know it helped me a lot. In one of my next posts, I’ll let you know how my trip to Germany was. I’m really looking forward!