Monday Me-Days! Surpassing that Rough Transition from Weekend to Mondays

Sunday to Monday transitions are always so tough! Why is that? Even without a conventional 9-5 job, I have a difficult time adjusting from Weekend Mode to Monday Mornings.

On the other hand, people that hate Monday through Friday may be in big trouble as well. In the following video, Gary Vaynerchuk explains how living for the weekend only can ba dread, too. He really puts pressure on the conversation as he sees so many people these days that live for the weekend only and cheer for Friday. It’s all about just the “relief” from work, it seems…

But okay, now back to my Mondays… There is that dread of leaving the bed, the zombie walk to pour cereal and milk, and the flipping through the news and emails to see what I’ve missed in the past eight hours of sleep. I mean I feel like I have ten-pound weights pulling down both arms to prevent any resemblance of being productive. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

So what to do? The greatest thing that motivates me these days is self-care. That’s right, instead of beating myself up with saying  such as “Oh why can’t I just get it together?”, or “Why haven’t you accomplish that task yet?” I am revving up the self-care.


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6 Important Strategies To Write A Powerful Online Classified Advertisement

Online classified advertisements can still be considered as one of the best ways of getting the word out across the globe about your products and services. Also, you can expect extra traffic to your website, through online classifieds. So let’s talk a little bit more about 6 important strategies to write a powerful online classified advertisement.

It does not produce quick results but also acts as a low-cost advertising strategy. These days there are several online classified websites which allow people to post about their product and services.

Posting online classifieds advertisement is simple. But you need to be aware of certain important things in order to maximize the value of your online classified advertisement. These important things are as follows:

1) Use effective words:

Your advertisement should consist of keywords that are powerful enough to grab the reader’s attention. In short, the advertisement should sound appealing to readers. Your advertisement should create a feeling of interest in your product or services.


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Tips for Passive Income Newbies

Passive income is such a misinterpreted phrase that it’s losing its meaning. Not for everyone, mind you, but for people who think they know what it means, but they really don’t. Learn more by checking out there tips for Passive Income Newbies.

Some people think passive income is money that just sits there and continues to grow as you look at it in the bank. Kinda, but no.

Still others think passive income is a “genie in a bottle”. You shine it up real nice, put it down and a genie will pop out and grant all your wildest dreams, from cars to mansions.


In my opinion, passive income means neither of these things. I believe passive income is indeed smart income. By smart, I mean, yes, it will work for you.

But, it’s not gonna work for you on its own. There is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes in order for the income to be passive. For instance, many of us want our blogs to be the vehicle to passive income.


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Marketing Then and Now

In 2009, I was probably a lot like you. I owned my first small business (I was a painting contractor) and I worked my butt off, yet… when it came to getting new customers, I was pretty clueless. I quickly came to the painful realization that the skills that allowed me to be successful as a painter, were absolutely useless when it came to attracting qualified prospects. So let’s check out the difference in marketing then and now!

Back then, I didn’t understand that “marketing” and performing the technical aspect of what you do for a living, are two mutually exclusive skill sets. But over time, I discovered that one without the other–renders your business virtually useless, and it grinds any progress you might otherwise be making, along with your cash—flow—to—a–screeching –halt.

But let’s face it, getting qualified leads is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. However, I simply couldn’t understand why every single ad I ran…and every single postcard and mailer I sent out…never worked.


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Smells Like Team Spirit

LET’S FACE IT GUYS – Every time you take a swig of your Peruvian pour over to wash down that cheesy egg biscuit breakfast, you are feeding millions of hitchhiking germs living in between your crooked teeth. Those germs eat your leftovers and shit all through your mouth, probably because they hate you. This really smells like Team Spirit!

Their fecal donations become even worse while you’re sleeping. Yet, you use the same toothbrush to clean your teeth week after week after week (give or take a week). But, don’t worry. Everything else you clean yourself with is just as disgusting. If you flush the toilet without closing the lid, your whole bathroom will be covered in a fine mist of whatever you put in there. That’s why my bathroom is covered in grape Kool-Aid.

When you’re working in close quarters, such as in an office, spaceship, or prison cell, you are bound to run into someone who hates deodorant or doesn’t know about toothpaste. Most of the time, these folks mean well and simply do not realize their pungent odor. It’s tough to smell yourself unless you really try hard, in which case what the hell are you doing?

As a manager, you can guarantee that your employees will let you know when someone commits an olfactory violation. It’s important to address the situation with the culprit as asap as possible before the gossipers fire up the blab engine and hurt some stinky schmuck’s feelings.


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Why Content Marketing Works

No inbound marketing strategy is successful without a solid content marketing strategy. Where inbound marketing is focused on getting customers knocking on your door, content marketing will help you get them through the door. Let’s take a closer look at why Content Marketing works. In the following video, Neil Patel explains what Content Marketing is looking like in 2019.

Content Marketing serves multiple goals, such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation, conversion and nurturing
  • Opportunity and customer conversion
  • Customer support
  • Customer retention
  • Customer conversion into advocates
  • We take an integrated content marketing approach, split over these 3 channel “categories”:

Online, including but not limited to: blogs, social media, websites, landing pages, mobile, video, eNewsletters, lead nurturing emails, online events…


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Why Can’t You Communicate Like a Frakking Human?!

I love marketing. I love being on newsletter lists for other marketers who give me great content and talk to me like I’m a human with a brain. But I really hate getting those shitty, spammy emails from half-assed marketers who think I give a shit.


“how little Jonny made BIG money on these here intronets” “I make thousands of dollars a month trading on the forex market in my boxer shorts. Do you?”

. . . Um . . . Seriously, guys? Only one of these I actually signed up to received (I am now unsubscribed btw). But come on. This is what they’re giving me? I don’t know these people from Adam. What makes them think they can talk to me this way and have me respond in a positive and relationship building way?


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