The Frugal Girl – Backpacking Tips

When travel is your passion, you may consider backpacker travel to diverse regions around the world. Backpackers don’t use a travel agent to direct them to certain destination places. Life is already expensive enough so this post includes some tips from me, the frugal girl – with some frugal backpacking tips. The following video explains pretty well what you should bring and what not:

Every backpacker realizes that excursion is about passion. Hence, they count on their personal confidence to enjoy the many attractions offered by a country. It seems interesting to find new places, people, customs, and traditions. Most backpackers believe that a journey should be accomplished in different steps and ways.

There can be different sites which backpackers love to visit. These may include mountains, wildlife, rainforests, caves, and other natural attractions. When you want to try a different way of traveling, backpacking is a great option. At the moment I’m working toward my Masters in Nutrition but I remember very well the days I was roaming around so much that I had to quit my high school education.

Fortunately, with the help of some great online GED practice tests, I managed to earn my GED fast and I made it to college. I guess I’m clever enough as my Bachelors didn’t pose any real obstacles. Just a lot of studying! Well, like so many other students, I need to make ends meet so let’s see what the frugal backpacker needs to do.


As an option, backpacking offers you with the many joys which you cannot find on regular travels. Yet, there should be sufficient factors which you need to discern before starting your new way of exploration. Keep in mind that it is crucial to fuel your body well before setting out and here are a few more crucial tips. These may include:

  • The passport is significant during your backpacking travel. This can be your valuable asset to ensure you are safe and secure in the new place. So, keep your passport protected and possibly wrap it in a plastic bag.
  • You need a simple plan to realize your desires. You should learn the basic information on the destinations you are about to visit. The language, communication, customs and traditions, and localities should be learned before you go.
  • Cheap flights and hotels are significant for your backpacker travel. As you are carrying a bag on your back, you have to limit your budget on air flight, including hotels and cheap meals but nutrition will always play a key role. Perhaps, instead of a hotel, you can find a motel or inn to cut the spending.
  • Get a medication aid box on your backpack. Aspirin, bandage, sunscreen, and painkillers may be beneficial to prepare before you leave your home. It may also be a good idea to bring natural honey as this is a great source of natural sugar, something you might want to take while traveling.
  • Spending the least for accessories. It is important during the backpacker travel not to spend on crafts and goods before leaving the destination. Perhaps, you can work out during your visit one up to three days to feed yourself as you run out of money.


Different from customary travel, backpacker travel drives you to use every available resource you have for your own goodness. It means you need to have a definite plan, including the map, to enjoy the many possibilities and great food you find out there. In short, backpacking minimizes your accommodations. Hence, the better your plan during your visit, you can get the whole aspects you wish in one good backpack.