My Bamboo Cutting Board

Since I don’t write a food blog or post a ton of recipes, you probably wouldn’t guess that I am always in the kitchen! I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and to do that, I need a decent amount of quality kitchen supplies at my disposal. So if you want to know what my Bamboo Cutting Board is like, just keep on reading.

I used to buy cheap kitchen tools figuring I could just replace them when they were worn or broken for little money, but then I’d find myself getting frustrated that these things were such low quality and falling apart. Not exactly proper thinking.

I realized this fault and when we moved into our new house, I started replacing certain items with new, better quality ones. I’ve been happier working in the kitchen ever since!

One of the kitchen items I had not replaced until recent was my plastic cutting board. It was so full of deep scratches and stains and stopped sitting flat on the counter since it got warped from the dishwasher.

That thing was a pain in my butt! When I had the chance to work with Bamboo Style to review their 3 piece bamboo cutting board set, that old thing went straight to the garbage!

I’ve had bamboo cutting boards in the past, but unfortunately, I didn’t know the proper care, or that not all bamboo cutting boards are the same, so after just a few short months, it split in half. I can tell you right now, that will not be happening with my new Bamboo Style set.

The Bamboo Style 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set is thick (unlike my last one), and solid to prevent warping, cracking and sliding. It is made of eco-friendly renewable Moso bamboo and let's not forget it's affordable and perfect for proper hygiene.

An insert with the packaging mentions that slight splintering may occur after washing, and not to wash in the dishwasher. I can attest to the fact that it should only be washed by hand with soap and warm water since the dishwasher was the prime culprit for warping my old, but thin, bamboo cutting board. As for the splintering, there is very little after washing, but proper care such as applying a mineral oil monthly can help prevent your board from drying and therefore splintering.

What I like best about having this 3 piece set is that not only does it seem to be much more durable than other boards I’ve used, but now I have a separate board for my meats, vegetables, raw foods like sushi, etc. I’ve always had to take the time to thoroughly wash my board in the middle of prep to avoid cross-contamination and now I don’t have to!

If you don’t have a set of cutting boards and are using just one, or it’s about time to replace your old one, I’d highly recommend checking out Bamboo Style’s 3 Piece Set!