Marketing Then and Now

In 2009, I was probably a lot like you. I owned my first small business (I was a painting contractor) and I worked my butt off, yet… when it came to getting new customers, I was pretty clueless. I quickly came to the painful realization that the skills that allowed me to be successful as a painter, were absolutely useless when it came to attracting qualified prospects. So let’s check out the difference in marketing then and now!

Back then, I didn’t understand that “marketing” and performing the technical aspect of what you do for a living, are two mutually exclusive skill sets. But over time, I discovered that one without the other–renders your business virtually useless, and it grinds any progress you might otherwise be making, along with your cash—flow—to—a–screeching –halt.

But let’s face it, getting qualified leads is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. However, I simply couldn’t understand why every single ad I ran…and every single postcard and mailer I sent out…never worked.

It was almost as if there was some sort of a “black cloud” hanging over me when it came to getting new clients. And since I hated things like “networking” meetings, which in reality is where a bunch of starving business-¬owners and salespeople get together and collectively “beg and grovel” for business, my frustration and eventually turned to desperation… and it kept growing, day by day.

I thought to myself, “Why is it that everyone else can run ads and get new customers from them, and yet… all my marketing efforts seem to be completely wasted?” Is it that it’s so hard to speak like a normal human being? Could that be it?

None of my ads or sales letters were very effective at all, no matter how much time I put into them, and no matter what I said in them. But since my ads weren’t all that much “different” from everyone else’s, I had no idea what I could possibly be doing wrong.

But I was persistent, so I kept running my non-performing ads over and over again, because of my yellow pages and newspaper – ad rep told me “people need to see your ads often” before they “trust” you.

And yet, still…nothing happened. Outside of me wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on useless ad space and printing and postage for mailers, that is.

And this nagged at me, terribly. Like you, I was incredibly motivated to make a lot of money for my family and to grow my business. And what made things even more frustrating was, once I actually had a qualified prospect in front of me, I was able to convert most of them into long-term, highly profitable clients.

But getting them in front of me in the first place, was as difficult as removing an abscessed tooth from the mouth of a hungry lion! I had a terrific work ethic, I was very competent from a technical standpoint, and I always placed value and integrity over and above everything else, when it came to dealing with my clients.

Yet, nothing seemed to work for me until I finally discovered…
A Dirty-Little Secret About Marketing…
And Why Conventional Advertising Never Works

Before I talk about this, let’s fast-forward the clock to today. It’s been a long journey but since 2014, I’ve learned the difference between the right way… and the wrong way… to market yourself, and how to grow a very successful business.

In fact, during this time I’ve helped grow several successful businesses, and I’ve consulted businesses and found they were sitting on GOLD-MINES of hidden assets they didn’t have a clue about. I’ve written ads and sales letters and developed simple easy-to-use marketing systems that have sold 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of goods and services.

Yes, I’ve come a long way, but I’ll never forget the steep price of the tuition I paid to learn the things I now take for granted. And I’ll also never forget how frustrating life was before I knew a few simple concepts that I’m about to share with you in this book.

And now that some of the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about advertising and marketing, and let’s dispel some of the biggest and most costly myths about running a profitable business.

As long as you keep your mind open to any-and-all of the following strategies that I discuss -you’ll be able to take a few ideas here-and-there and make your own cash-flow surge. And though all these techniques use leverage for multiplying your marketing dollars, they’re based on a concept so corny that some people are snickering when they’ll see it in print.

Well, marketing is what’s happening when you’re good to customers.
Could there be anything more satisfying than just being “good” to people by fulfilling their needs?
What could be more “noble” than simply telling the truth regarding your product?
What’s more rewarding than making money – lots of money at the same time?