Why Can’t You Communicate Like a Frakking Human?!

I love marketing. I love being on newsletter lists for other marketers who give me great content and talk to me like I’m a human with a brain. But I really hate getting those shitty, spammy emails from half-assed marketers who think I give a shit.


“how little Jonny made BIG money on these here intronets” “I make thousands of dollars a month trading on the forex market in my boxer shorts. Do you?”

. . . Um . . . Seriously, guys? Only one of these I actually signed up to received (I am now unsubscribed btw). But come on. This is what they’re giving me? I don’t know these people from Adam. What makes them think they can talk to me this way and have me respond in a positive and relationship building way?


“@danielroach We’d love to be followed And we’d like to hear what you think of our crowdsourcing music discovery platform!”

Okay, first off – if I wanted to follow you, I’d have done it by now. Second, I don’t care what you’d love. I don’t know you.

Third, I do nothing that is even remotely related to “crowdsourcing music discovery”, which pretty much proves to me that you’re a robot or spammer shotgunning your shitty offer to anyone and everyone. Now I’m definitely not going to follow you.


If you think what I posted from my inbox today sounded like damn good copywriting, you need to go learn more about writing copy. It’s actually supposed to make you sound like less of a jackass, not more.

And that’s right, I made a Battlestar Galactica AND and Star Wars reference all in one post. And oh yeah, I’m proud of that.

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