Why Content Marketing Works

No inbound marketing strategy is successful without a solid content marketing strategy. Where inbound marketing is focused on getting customers knocking on your door, content marketing will help you get them through the door. Let’s take a closer look at why Content Marketing works. In the following video, Neil Patel explains what Content Marketing is looking like in 2019.

Content Marketing serves multiple goals, such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation, conversion and nurturing
  • Opportunity and customer conversion
  • Customer support
  • Customer retention
  • Customer conversion into advocates
  • We take an integrated content marketing approach, split over these 3 channel “categories”:

Online, including but not limited to: blogs, social media, websites, landing pages, mobile, video, eNewsletters, lead nurturing emails, online events…

Offline, including but not limited to dynamic direct mail, published articles, TV interviews,…
Face to face: speaker engagements, event, and networking attendance,…
Developing a content marketing strategy, creating valuable content, and measuring its impact is critical to any organization trying to adapt to a new, consumer-driven reality.

I really love marketing. I really love to be on newsletter lists of some other marketers that provide me with great content and smashing ideas and who are talking to me sensibly, as if I am a human with a functioning brain! But what do I get? I  hate those spammy, shitty email ads from those half-assed, stupid marketers who seem to think that I care for their stupid remarks. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, check out this post about the relevance of appropriate language use.

Online Marketing
91% of email subscribers have opted out from emails they were previously opted in to
86% of people skip through TV commercials
84% of 25 to 34-year-olds leave websites because of ads
44% of direct mail is never even opened
200 million Americans have registered on the national “Do not call” list
It is time for brands to re-think how they interact with customers and prospects before, during and after a transaction. Customer 2.0 relies on social media, blogs, online research, and referrals to make buying decisions. They don’t want to be sold to but want to be in charge of when, what, and how they receive information

Online Marketing focuses on attracting attention and earning interest and loyalty using mainly online channels, such as

Social media
Social Websites, including dynamic landing pages
Dynamic PPC
Mobile Marketing
Dynamic email
Direct Marketing

If you are pursuing very specific goals, such as event promotion, customer recognition, or a new product launch, direct mail is still more then appropriate. Considering 44% of direct mail is never opened, you need to be willing to adopt new marketing principles though, connecting online with offline marketing, and creating highly targeted and personalized content. This is the only way direct marketing continues to be a very powerful tactic

The days of “spray and pray” are over. But if you are willing to innovate and take a risk, it will be worth it!

Email Marketing
Email still has the highest revenue potential of any marketing channel, but the way we go about it has changed. Spam has been redefined by many consumers as irrelevant emails that add no value, regardless of them opting in, or not.

Today, we use email to cultivate leads and provide relevant, valuable content at the right time. Lead scoring and lead cultivation drive dynamic content, offers and personalization. Email is no longer only about content, but also about context: sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

If you are ready to try out email, following new marketing principles and see how it can help you.

Public Relations
Marketing Public Relations service has only one goal: to put the press on your side.

This means that the great coverage for your news is limited only by the number of reporters, bloggers, tweeters, producers, editors and more… we reach and persuade
Your point of view on critical issues always gets a fair hearing to the audiences that matter most, and
You look good, not to mention cool, calm, and collected, in the face of a crisis

Many people say Public Relations is a frill, but it’s such a necessity… These days, many consumers are very skeptical of advertising. But when people are reading about something, it becomes more real and trustworthy to them.

The blogosphere in which we operate is highly competitive. There are more that one billion blogs! That’ means there is 1 blog for every 7even people, so how can you be competitive? What does content marketing have to look like in this competitive environment? There are so many out there pushing out their content just to get little traffic? In 2019, content ranking is different from what it used to be. So in the above video, you can learn how content marketing may work well for your business.