Worth the money?

D’s mom bought a Groupon for a fancy-ish Japanese restaurant in town. D, his mom and I love (love love) sushi. We checked the menu and there were more “meal” options for his dad so we were good to go. We decided to do sushi family style. Order a bunch of rolls and split everything and see if it’s worth the money.

Now for those who aren’t from or who have never had the opportunity to visit Vancouver, you can get sushi really inexpensive year. A HUGE bonus to being so close to the Pacific Ocean. D and I have had three sushi rolls and miso soup for $7. Literally.

Being at a higher end restaurant, we weren’t surprised when even the regular rolls were $5-7 per roll. Then we decided to get a “fancy” roll that was $15.

The regular rolls were fine. The fish was fine. The fancy roll was a huge disappointment. There were so many ingredients that just did not go together. We were all disappointed.

Weird to think we may have actually had a better experience at one of the inexpensive places. Have you ever decided to treat yourself to a nicer meal and been disappointed??

Veronica got me all dreamy today, so I thought I’d write a little story of a fantasy day. I woke gently, to the sound and smell of fresh rain. The room was slightly cold, but not too much. I snuggled closer to Scout, as he held baby Kaiser gently in his arms.

He shifted against me and we fell asleep for a snooze in our comfortable, little boy pee free bed, after 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The cat curled her tail around her nose as she snuggled Scout’s always cold feet and fell asleep as well. Not begging or scratching for tuna. Tuna could wait, though you never know if the food-safety would be affected. 

An hour later we all woke to the smell of free trade organic White Chocolate Mocha (calorie free) wafting up from the 24-hour Caribou Coffee that was placed within easy walking distance from our bedroom. (Always convenient to walk to as the temp is a constant 72 degrees and sunny between my front door and theirs). I rose from the bed, passing the well-loved Medela pump and instead going to the refrigerator to dispense a bottle of perfectly warm breast milk from where the water dispenser normally was.

I took it upstairs to the Kaiser, where he graciously drank his bottle, let out a belch and settled into the serious business of being too cute for words as he giggled and amazed us with his piano abilities – uncanny for a 5-month-old. After the Kaiser settled in for the first of his three 2 hour naps of the day, Scout and I snuggled in for a little Bow Chicka Wow Wow, as his hand slid across my cellulite and stretch mark free, gently tanned skin I [edited by management. uncool to make readers jealous over your superior sex life].

I slid into my size 8, Seven for all Mankind jeans I’d found on sale for 15 dollars and we headed out to lunch. For lunch, I ate a (calorie free) double bacon cheeseburger with fries and a Dr. Pepper that tasted as yum as when I was in my second trimester. Deciding to do a little work around the house, I painted the bathroom and master bedroom. The paint slid on perfectly, only requiring one coat.

I was saved from having to place blue tape all around the edges because of the special formula of “never adhering to any surface but the one you intend” paint. [oh to hell with it, I just painted it on with my lightsaber, okay]. We spent the rest of the day watching a “for our eyes only” boxed set of Season Four of Grey’s Anatomy. And we fell asleep, curled together, knowing we would again get 9 hours of sleep in a little boy pee free bed.